Bugs Unlimited, LLC and Wendy S. Brown

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Crested Butte, CO 81224
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affiliated with
The Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (RMBL)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL or LBNL)

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Bugs Unlimited, LLC is a small business I formed in 1990 for contract work in field biology. Most of the time I do research in the Upper Gunnison Basin of Colorado, especially in the Elk and West Elk Mountains :-)


Wendy, Scott and Howard at the Mexican Cut Nature Preserve with Pond 1 in the background in October of 2021
Wendy, Scott and Howard after a long day of measuring salamanders, Mexican Cut Nature Preserve. October 2021

Weighing snowpit samples
Weighing snowpit samples. April, 2017

Jon in the snowpit he mostly dug :-)
Jon enjoying the day digging on Snodgrass mountain. April, 2017

Sowing tree seeds
Sowing tree seeds in a blizzard on Niwot Ridge, Colorado. Oct 2013

Friends on Treasury Mountain :-) July 2012

Mencia, the newest member of our team :-) July 2012

Copper Creek near Gothic, Colorado in June of 2012
Rock snot, Didymo or formally Didymosphenia geminata coating the rocks in Copper Creek. This was in June of 2012, the nuisance algae continued to grow all season. Interestingly, D. geminata has always been present in the Upper East River Valley. Numbers used to be low until it started blooming about 10 years ago.

Intrepid Carrie collecting Baetis nymphs near the Emerald Lake snowfield. July 2011

Kathy working on the GLORIA project in 2010. I worked on the weather station in the background.

An underwater view of one of our Summer 2010 experiments.

Brad Taylor, Angus McIntosh, Bobbi Peckarsky, Jen Moslemi
My friends and colleagues Brad Taylor, Angus McIntosh, Bobbi Peckarsky and Jen Moslemi on a ridge near Gothic in July 2007.